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The Credit Report with Score for individuals is AED 105 including VAT and for companies is AED 231 including VAT. You may see further pricing details by accessing the pricing section available in the download section of our website: https://aecb.gov.ae/documents Direct link:https://aecb.gov.ae/sites/default/files/2021-04/New%20Pricing%20Table%20Poster%20-%2020210324_0.pdf

The information in your Credit Report is provided by banks, finance companies, telecom companies and other data providers. In case of any inaccuracy in your Credit Report, Al Etihad Credit Bureau can assist you to raise it with the respective Information provider. To raise a data correction request, please fill the form available on our website at


Please note that data correction requests for bounced cheques provided by the Central Bank of UAE can now be submitted using our data correction application.


AECB Credit Reports and Credit Scores are electronic and does not require stamps or signatures.
If you would like to share your Credit Report or Credit Score with an external entity in or outside the UAE, then you can send an authenticated report to the external entity email address when buying the report through the AECB mobile app.
You can download the mobile app here:

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Al Etihad Credit Bureau accepts credit cards, debit cards, E-Dirham cards and soon mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A Credit Report will show your active and closed credit facilities and services. If you do not have any credit facilities or services, or new to the UAE, then you will receive a Credit Report that includes your personal information only.

Information providers submit updated data to AECB on a daily basis. For non-banking sector, data is submitted on a monthly basis due to its static nature.

For any requests related to subscriptions, please send an email to Subscriptions@aecb.gov.ae and our team will respond accordingly.

Joint credit facilities will appear on the individual credit report of both individuals.

Each credit facility in the Credit Report will show a color-coded 24-month history indicating whether the payment was made on time or delayed. If the payment for a particular month was paid more than 90 days after the due date, the box will be shaded red. If the payment for a particular month was paid with a delay up to 90 days after the due date, the box will be shaded yellow. If the payment for a particular month was paid on or before the due date, the box will be shaded green.

Financial Institutions such as banks, finance companies and insurance companies, non-financial companies such as telecom operators and large conglomerates and government entities such as water and electricity providers and courts. We also regularly assess the value of additional credit information sources and add them in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.